An international insurance brokerage offering the best international health, medical and life insurance policies.

Policies designed for the global citizen who is either traveling or residing outside of their home country.

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About us

Adviser Platform Lda is responsible for the creation and distribution of best of breed insurance policies. Since our incorporation in 1988 each year has brought solid growth and new possiblities in international insurance.

Adviser Platform Lda, operates in Portugal, and we are determined to provide a highly personal service, wherever our clients reside.

We provide face to face advice and we specialise in meeting the financial needs of people, Trusts and companies who have created more capital or earn higher incomes than average and whose circumstances are therefore more complicated than usual.

Most clients want a trusted adviser to understand and explain the relevant issues, and propose appropriate action.The strength of our relationship and level of satisfaction among clients and partners may be judged by the fact all new clients come to us as a result of word of mouth recommendations from existing clients, lawyers, accountants, investment houses and financial institutions.

As we progress we will continue to work hard to introduce more technology as well as new and intelligent ways to provide greater opportunities for all our clients and partners.

Our partners provide a vital role in providing a wholistic approach to the provision of wealth management. It is essential they maintain their independence and impartiality while remaining accountability for the results.


Adviser Platform Lda provides advice to Companies, Charities and expatriate professionals in Portugal, and we are very keen to expand our operations. Currently our consultants and partners are enjoying outstanding results, and we see our company’s growth coming from the recruitment, training and placement of high-quality advisers.

Successful candidates will receive full training, management and compliance support, attractive over ride package, opportunity to live in new vibrant locations, no maximum earning cap. The package includes discounted global health cover, attractive commission rates, on target bonuses, no cap on income and flexible work arrangements.

Our principles are fundamental to our way of doing business and the foundation of everything that we do. They bind us together as an organisation. They make us who we are. They make us leaders. They make us winners.

Client Focus

Our clients are the driving force behind what we do, and their interests must always come first. We respect the dignity of each individual, whether an employee, shareholder or a member of the public.

We expect teamwork throughout the company and we reward it. It is great teams that win, not loose affiliations of star players.

We believe we have a responsibility to the communities in which we live and work and we encourage our employees to involve themselves.

No individual's bottom line is more important than the reputation of our firm. Integrity is the cornerstone of our prosperity and our pride; we will protect it, whatever the cost.

Who succeeds in our demanding environment? Exceptionally bright, committed people. People with drive, intensity, energy and minds that are on fire. Creative thinkers. Leaders who have what it takes to inspire others.

The Platform

In an era of exploding media choices and heightened expectations for timeliness and relevancy, customers are increasingly assuming control of their relationships with their financial services provider.This phenomenon is rewriting the rules for how financial services marketers engage with customers, creating both challenges and opportunities for forward thinking organizations.
Banks, brokerages and insurers are looking for an automated financial services marketing solution that provides personalized customer communications. They are looking for a bank marketing platform or other financial services marketing platform that will improve efficiency but will also help create a positive customer experience.
By consolidating data from multiple sources including CRM databases, card management systems, cash management, brokerage platform, and by utilising call center, web, and mobile channels, our platform creates a rich understanding of each customer’s needs and preferences. Our marketing solution empowers organisations with the ability to create personalised, relevant communications that directly impact retention, growth, satisfaction and profitability.

What we offer

Our highly personalised approach, experience in assisting clients and our clear understanding of the specific needs of international business and expatriate clients, drawn from our own international origins, make us the ideal organisation with which to progress. Our Platform helps you capitalise on untapped marketing opportunities that exist in Portugal.
Our cross-channel marketing platform, combined with our deep financial services expertise, make Adiver Platform Lda the ideal financial services marketing solution for maximising revenue. If you’re looking specifically for a financial services marketing solution, look no further. We have the experience and technology to help you efficiently implement highly effective marketing programs.



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